Department of Research and Development


Department of Research and Development

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) defines R&D initiatives as a set of “creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of human knowledge and to devise new applications based upon it.” R&D initiatives comprise three major activities including basic research, applied research and experimental development. Basic research constitutes experimental or theoretical studies carried out to acquire new knowledge of the underpinnings of phenomena and observable facts without any prior intention of application or utility. Applied research is an original initiative conducted with the aim of acquiring new knowledge. However, there is often a practical objective in view when applied research is undertaken. Experimental development constitutes the use of knowledge acquired through research or experience in order to improve or produce materials, products and services. Accordingly, ISC R&D department assumes the following duties:

  • Improving the quality and diversity of ISC services
  • R&D on information service standards and identifying an optimal model for ISC
  • R&D on how to improve ISC competitive advantage over its domestic and foreign counterparts
  • Quality control of ISC products and services to assure the standards of scientific information services
  • Promoting ISC brand as an international source of scientific information, indexing service, and university rankings
  • R&D on the commercialization of ISC services and products
  • Customer/user needs assessment and analysis to adapt the products and services to real-world needs
  • Cooperation with organizational units and departments on how to develop the services and work out effective solutions
  • Documentation of all R&D projects and processes
  • R&D on future software and service designs
  • R&D on the macrostructure of smart software systems
  • Development of the subsystems by optimizing the data model
  • Enriching data resources by automatic data curation and indexing
  • R&D on the smart algorithms of recognizing the non-existing relations among the data entities of the database


Head of ISC R&D Department

  Fatemeh Khalifeh

  Ph.D. Candidate in Artificial Intelligence, Shiraz University

  [2014-present]: Member of Citation Programming Department

  [2018-2020]: Head of Citation Programming Department

  [2020-present]: Head of R&D Department

  Email:, R&

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