ISC Steering Committee Members

1-zolfigol-.pngDr. Mohammad Ali Zolfi GolHonorable Minister of the Ministry of Science, Research and
21586855588-user.pngDr. Peyman SalehiHonorable Deputy Minister of Research, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology-
31586855588-user.pngProf.Dr. Seyed Ahmad Fazelzadeh HaghighiPresident of Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST) & Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) (Secretary of the Council)
41586855588-user.pngDr. Bijan RanjbarHonorable Vice President of Islamic Azad University for Higher Education and Organization of Graduate Studies and Member of ISC Steering
51586855588-user.pngDr. Abbas SadriHonorable Director of ICESCO Regional Office in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Member of ISC Steering
61586855588-user.pngDr. Younes PanahiHonorable Acting Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and Member of the ISC Steering Council-
71586855588-user.pngHujjat al-Islam Dr. Ali LatifiHonorable Deputy Minister and Head of the Research and Curriculum Planning Organization of the Ministry of Education and a member ofISC Steering Council-
81586855588-user.pngHujjat al-Islam Dr. Hamid ParsaniaHonorable member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and member of the Steering Council of the
91586855588-user.pngDr. Ali Akbar ZiaeiHonorable head of the Deputy for Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of Islamic Culture And Communication Organization and member of the Steering Council of the ISC-
101586855588-user.pngDr. Abolghasem Moghimi HajiHonorable Vice Chancellor for Research,Center for the Management of Islamic Seminaries' Management and Member of the ISC Steering
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