ISC Steering Committee Members

RowImageFull NamePostE-mail
111586855588-user.pngDr. Seyyed Mohammad Kazem SajjadpourPresident of the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I. R. of
121586855588-user.pngDr. Mohsen JavadiDeputy Minister for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, I. R. of
131586855588-user.pngDr. Seyed Hossein MirmoeziVice-president, Howzeh Elmiyeh ( Qom schools of the Islamic studies) Management
141586855588-user.pngDr. Mohamad Reza PourAdbediVice-president for Research & Technology, Academic Center for Education, Culture and
151586855588-user.pngDr. Majid Saffar AvalEditor-in-Chief of research journals, Ministry of Science, Research, and
161586855588-user.pngDr. Ali Akbar SabouriEditor-in-Chief of research journals, Ministry of Science, Research, and
171586855588-user.pngDr. Payam KabiriEditor-in-Chief of research journals, Ministry of Health and Medical
181568185841-dr.haghight.jpg"Dr. Mansour HaghighatVice-president in Science and Technology Affairs, Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC)
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