Tunisian Secretary General of ISESCO National Commission visits ISC President

13 November 2018 | 14:00 Code : 1094 News Important News

The two-day Meeting of Secretary Generals for ISESCO National Commissions at ISC was followed by the wide-ranging engagement of the Ministry of Education, ISESCO National Commission in the Islamic Republic of Iran, ISESCO Regional Office in Tehran, and ISC, hosted by ISC  on Nov. 11th and 12th held in Shiraz.

Professor Mohammad Boohall, Tunisian Secretary-General of the National Commission ISESCO in this visit said: “The activities you've started at ISC are very good and can be used by all Islamic countries. These activities are progressing, and we want to establish broader interactions between ISC and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as well as the Ministry of Education of Iran with equal institutions in Tunisia. " "Certainly, with the potential that I have seen in ISC, I will immediately go to Tunisia to prepare a complete report for my Ministry of Education to persuade them to communicate with this group as well as the ministries," he said.

Dr. Dehghani, ISC President said: "The most important reason for the formation of ISC was the creation of a scientific network among Islamic countries. The focus of the work on this scientific network is on numerous occasions, including the issue of the registration of Islamic countries in ISC. To record the journals, accessing to information is the first step, and the important thing is that the more journals from any Islamic countries registered at ISC, the greater the visibility of the scientific work of the researchers in that country. Hence, our program encourages publications from Islamic countries to contact ISC and submit journalists to submit their journal entries. In this regard, of course, we are looking for ministry institutions in Islamic countries to speed up this process”.

"We have the readiness to analyze all Tunisian scholarly publications either in English or Arabic, and to register if we meet the ISC's standards," he said. Peasant, as another potential area for collaboration on the topic of research effectiveness workshops In Islamic countries, he acknowledged that "given the position of Tunisian universities, there is a good field of cooperation in both the registration and ranking of universities, and in the field of the holding of these workshops." In response to a question about the process of registering publications in ISC Dr. Dehghani stated: "The registration process is very easy. First, it is necessary to send a general information email in each publication, such as title, website address, etc. to ISC publications evaluation section. After analyzing and evaluating the publication, if the benchmarks required by the publication have been obtained, the co-workers will inform that the journalist will refer to the XML system for registration and receipt of the code. Then there will be the possibility to load the publication information. "

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