Mali Secretary General of ISESCO National Commission visits ISC Board of Governors

13 November 2018 | 16:00 Code : 1095 News Important News

On the sidelines of the two-day Meeting of Secretary Generals for ISESCO National Commissions at ISC, Dr. Cadia Megadillo, Secretary-General of ISESCO National Commission from Mali, attended a joint meeting with Dr. Dehghani, president of ISC, and Dr. Mohammad Reza Falahati, head of ISC's Public Relations and International Cooperation office.

At the beginning of this visit, Dr Cadia Megadillo welcomed the attendance at ISC and the Islamic Republic of Iran and thanked for the hospitality of the organizers and the nation of Iran: "With the information that was provided over the two days on the capabilities of ISC and its regional responsibilities worldwide, I would like to provide some explanations regarding higher education in the financial world. Hopefully, we will be able to provide ISC consultancy services and assistance. She then continued:" Two financial colleges from the University of Sheikh Zahed and Tomboktu University are from Islamic universities. In these two universities, along with the successes they have, there are the needs that I would like to express. The first point is the shortage of specialist manpower. In other words, these universities face shortages in the field of specialized instructors. Following your talk, ISC's major activities are holding workshops to enhance research effectiveness. I would like to know how ISC can help us with this. Also, Mali paid special attention to the participation of women in scientific settings in order to realize the issue of gender equity. I would like to know what kind of assistance ISC can provide in this regard. You also said that according to the ten-year document of science and technology that was approved on Kazakhstan's threshold in September 1396, the share of Islamic science production from the production of world science should be doubled. What help can you give our country to take in this direction? "

In the following, Dr. Dehghani, president of ISC, expressed satisfaction at the presence of Dr. Kadiya Magdalio in Shiraz and at ISC, and in response to the questions asked, "We have a good relationship with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We will pursue scholarships as well as short-term training courses for the professors of the universities of the country. "In the Islamic Republic of Iran, extensive work has been done to increase the role of women in various levels of higher education. And we can as Interface play a role in this regard. We also have extensive data on the scientific production of the professors of Islamic Universities in ISC and we can provide this information in the form of a joint program that we define. In the context of increasing the financial contribution of the scientific products of the Islamic world, we can also provide the information and statistics available to the country's higher education through the holding of various scientific workshops, as well as workshops on compilation and scientific writing and related topics, while drawing The current status of the country to promote this position is also to provide the necessary solutions in the form of consulting services."

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