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19 October 2020 | 13:41 Code : 1453 News Important News

After a decade of doing various rankings, including both the national one, as well as the rankings of world and Islamic world universities, and due to valuable experiences in this field (ISC known as the only ranking authority in Iran since 1999), ranked the world universities based on subject areas for the first time.

Accordingly, the first version of this ranking, called ISC World University Rankings by Subject, was published for more than 2000 universities in 2019.


In ISC World University Rankings by Subject, the OECD hierarchical classification structure is used. In this structure, all subject areas are divided into 6 main categories and 42 subcategories (eventually 3 subcategories are left out). The 6 main categories in this project are: natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The target universities for ranking in each subject area are those ones that are among the top 700 universities in the world in terms of the number of publications in that area and have published at least 150 degrees in that subject area over a three-year period and recorded in Incite Database.

The universities announced in this ranking and in each subject area will be announced in a concise manner. This ranking is based on four general criteria of education, research, international activity and innovation, which due to its importance, the research criterion has the most weight. The table below shows the ISC thematic ranking criteria and indicators with assigned coefficients.

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