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Covid-19 Increase in November/ Global Warning

European Countries at the Top
28 November 2020 | 10:37 Code : 1469 News Important News

Covid-19 average daily growth rate in Russia and France is 1.17%, Germany 1.15%, Iran 1.13% and other countries at the same time, namely Italy, Turkey, Spain, England, Canada, USA, Pakistan and Brazil. The comparability of the average death rate and even the death population of the country with countries such as France and Russia with more than 2 million patients and Spain and the United Kingdom with more than 1.5 million patients is really worrying. Meanwhile, the average daily growth of the world, which had decreased from 0.62 percent in September to 0.54 percent in October, has increased again to 0.65 percent in November.


The results and statistics in Covid-19 visualizer are accompanied by an analysis of 13 countries at the same time (countries where the spread of the disease occurred almost simultaneously). Simultaneous countries mentioned here are: China, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, USA, France, Canada, Britain, Germany, Pakistan and Italy.

Figure 1 shows the prevalence of Covid-19 in concurrent countries with a patient population of less than one million by the end of November. The horizontal axis shows the number of days from the first of April to the end of November and the vertical axis shows the number of patients. These countries are Germany, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Canada and China. As can be seen in Figure 1, unfortunately, during the last 8 months, the growth rate of the disease in Iran has always had an increasing trend with a relatively constant slope and the population of patients in the country has been more than all the above countries since June. In addition, since September, there can be seen an increase in the growth of the disease with a relatively large slope and distance compared to other countries. Compared to other countries, it is observed that there is an uninterrupted upward trend similar to Iran only in Turkey and of course with a milder slope. As can be seen in the diagram, for other countries, including Germany, Canada, and Pakistan, the trend of the disease outbreak was fixed and controlled at a certain point, but in practice, the outbreak in these countries has been increasing since August and in late October this trend Intensity has increased and in particular the acceleration of the outbreak of the disease in Germany in November has increased sharply so that the population of patients in this country has increased from Iran.

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