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11 December 2020 | 09:57 Code : 1498 News Important News

Surveys conducted at Scopus show that the growth of citations received by researchers in 2019 compared to 2018 reached about 5%, and based on this, Iran became a leader in science quality and effectiveness growth among world scientific powers. This is a fact that has been achieved by normalizing citations in Scopus in 2019, comparing it with 2018.

Although citations show the scientific authority, but we know that they are not all the truth. Although self-citation is inherently associated with science, it could be a pest, if it is too much. They were removed to control the effect of self-citation. The result showed that in 2019, Iranian articles will receive 32% less citations than the international average.

Self-citation shows how much Iranian science is used by researchers in Iran and by other researchers in the world. The increase in Iranian citations articles shows that both groups use more Iranian-produced articles today than before. The ratio of the two shows that the use of the country's science by other researchers in the world is increasing compared to citations made domestically. In 2005, the country's normalized citation average was 0.4, which means that the country's articles received 60% less citations than the international average, but today, in 2020, this figure has reached 0.7, which means that the country's Receive international citations are 30% lower than the average.

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