ISC 2020 world university rankings published (part 2)

Raising the Presence Iranian Universities in 2020 Ranking
06 January 2021 | 11:29 Code : 1536 News Important News

ISC World Ranking 2020 has published in a virtual meeting with the presence of Dr. Khaki-Siddiq, MSRT Education Deputy Minister, and Dr. Mohammad Javad Dehghani, ISC President has announced. The "2020-ISC World Ranking" includes 2182 universities from 102 countries and 6 continents, of which 46 universities from Iran are in this ranking. There were 43 universities from Iran in 2019 ISC World Rankings.

ISC Methodology

Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC), In order to rank the world's universities according to its own criteria has analyzed the most important missions of universities which are research (weighing 60%), innovation (weighing 15%), education (weighing 10%), and international activities (Weighs 15%). The difference between 2020 ranking and the previous years is in the way of calculating the number of universities with negative scores (Retractions) of universities, which is given in an index called NEG REP.

In "ISC WUR", universities that have put-in at least 850 records in WoS database during 2016-2018 have been analyzed. The Information in this ranking is gathered from USPTO, WoS, and Incite databases.

The table below shows the indicators used in the "ISC Global Rankings".

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