Higher Education in Egypt

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The higher education system in Egypt is a supportive system for scientific research and a catalyst for innovation. Egypt's scientists have been able to contribute effectively to the production of knowledge on an international scale and to be able to participate in the building of a strong, knowledge-based national economy that achieves comprehensive economic and social development and helps to strengthen cooperation with the local, regional and global community.


Egypt has a variety of higher education credentials, including diplomas, higher diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas, masters and doctoral degrees.

As of 2018, Egypt had 31 private universities and 26 public universities, including Al-Azhar University, in addition to a number of other government HEIs, such as the military academies or the Egyptian Police Academy.

Whereas most public universities are large multi-faculty research institutions, many of them with branch campuses across the country, private institutions tend to be much smaller. Most of them are for-profit institutions enrolling fewer than 10,000 students.

Higher Education in Egypt

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