Higher Education in Kuwait

26 September 2021 | 12:36 Code : 1658 News Important News

The Higher Education in Kuwait is regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE). Higher Education in Kuwait includes university and post-secondary education and training. Technical training is offered at the post-secondary technical institutes and training centers under the administration of the public authority for applied education and training (PAAET). The training centers are more vocational-oriented and provide 2-year technician programs for students who hold a secondary certificate. 


The very well-known higher education institution in Kuwait is Kuwait University.  In Kuwait, there are many other higher education institutions. Also, a few fine arts colleges that specialize in music and other forms of arts are also there.


The Government of Kuwait is encouraging its citizens to opt for vocational training programs to fulfill the demand for a skilled workforce. Students enrolling for vocational training at PAAET can join programs after primary, intermediate or secondary school, although the majority of students, about 70 percent, are enrolled having completed secondary level education.

Post-secondary education include courses at a PAAET technical college lasting for two and a half years, following which the students receive a certificate that is less than a tertiary diploma, but does allow the graduates to enter the workforce.

Higher Education in KuwaitHigher Education in KuwaitHigher Education in Kuwait