Iran ranked second in the growth of science diplomacy

increasing the acceleration of science diplomacy
19 December 2021 | 10:00 Code : 1725 News Important News

The data extracted from Scopus Database show that in 2021, the share of international participation in research activities in the form of publishing articles and scientific documents, and in other words, the country's science diplomacy’s share since the beginning of 2021, is more than 34% and this has been the highest in last 20 years. Although the information in 2021 has not been completed yet, the statistics in comparison with the ones in 2020 and 2019, shows that Iran with 12.5% ​​growth and with a difference of 0.14% with India is ranked second in the world in terms science diplomacy growth. Malaysia is in third place with a growth of 12% and Taiwan and Turkey are placed next, respectively.

Scientific participation paves the way for science diplomacy. A research can be the result of the activity of one researcher or the scientific participation of several researchers from one country or more than one country. If two or more researchers from different countries work on a joint research project, then an international scientific interaction has taken place, often with the aim of expanding the frontiers of knowledge.

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