Iranian Highly Cited Researchers according to ESI

481 Iranian researchers were among top 1% Highly cited researchers
26 December 2021 | 10:39 Code : 1731 News Important News

Office of International Affairs, Dec. 26th, 2021

This report presents the latest list of the most cited researchers in the country in Clarivate Analytics (Essential Science Indicators (WOS-ESI).

Iranian Highly Cited Researchers (ESI)

One of ISC’s main responsibilities in order to introduce the highly cited authors, researchers and top scientific countries among Islamic countries, and to provide the possibility to identify and study the influence of scientific products of elite researchers and scholars. That is why scientific elites are the most important factor in the growth and development of scientific systems.

The list of top 1% highly cited researchers is a report of researchers in 22 subject areas in Clarivate Analytics (WOS) in (ESI) over 10 years. In this way, researchers in each field are sorted according to the number of citations they have received, and then ESI top 1% researchers are considered as the scientific elite. Therefore, the criterion for selecting the top one percent of researchers is the number of citations made to their scientific products. Accordingly, researchers who have been able to achieve the highest level of international prestige based on their research activities in the last ten years are among top 1% highly cited researchers.

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