The need to prepare a roadmap and strategic plan for indexing Persian language publications in Scopus and ISI

15 April 2022 | 13:10 Code : 1786 News Important News

Office of International and Scientific Cooperation (OISC), Apr. 15, 2022

Dr. Mohammad Javad Dehghani, President of ISC, spoke at the 16th International Conference of the Association for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature at Birjand University.

Dr. Dehghani's lecture entitled "Feasibility Study of Promoting the International Status of Persian as a Language of Science: The Necessity of Developing a Roadmap and Operational Plan" was delivered on March 10, 2022.

In this speech, he referred to the strategic document of Persian language and literature and said: “the emphasis on writing specialized scientific articles in fluent Persian language, strengthening the use of Persian language in specialized fields of science by emphasizing conceptual equivalence for specialized terms and promoting them in Scientific societies and efforts to convert Persian language into the language of science as well as strengthening the scientific Persian language in order to achieve the capabilities of the Persian language in specialized fields and its function as the language of science are among the issues that should be considered”.

He further said: "Expanding and deepening the territory of Persian literature abroad, increasing the influence of Persian language in foreign fields and scientific and literary circles, as well as promoting the position of Persian language in cyberspace are among the topics that should be promoted and has to be planned”.

Dehghani said: "In this regard, Institute for Science Citation (ISC) has the responsibility of Persian language journals indexing in its database.

"Scientific journals in 63 different languages are indexed in Scopus" he said. Research shows that the more visible the content of these publications is after being indexed in citation databases, the more they are used and the greater the demand for publication of the article in them.

ISC president continued: "While Iran's share of the total Scopus articles is about 1%, the share of Persian language articles is about 0.02%. This situation is also true for the share of Iranian publications in citation databases, which means that Iran's share of citation database publications is not consistent with the country's share of world science production beside the factor of population. The number of international journals is one of the indicators emphasized in the comprehensive scientific map of the country. On the other hand, in this map, the promotion of Persian language as the language of international science is mentioned as one of the goals of the country.


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