ISC, Omani university to expand academic and scientific cooperation

Oman National University of Science and Technology index its journals and conferences in ISC
02 July 2022 | 12:09 Code : 1840 News Important News

Office of International and Scientific Cooperation (OISC), July 02, 2022

Board of Oman National University of Science and Technology with members of ISC Board of Directors had a meeting on July 2nd, 2022 at ISC central building.

In this meeting, Dr. Ali Saud Al-Bimani, the university vice chancellor, and his colleagues were present. On ISC side, Dr. MJ Dehghani, ISC President and the board of trustees participated.

Welcoming the guests, Dr. Dehghani gave a comprehensive report of the most important tasks, services and achievements of the institution.


While referring to the recent meeting between the presidents of the two countries and the conclusion of various cooperation agreements between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Sultanate of Oman, he pointed out: “ISC has many potentials that can be used by the scientific community of the friendly and brotherly country of Oman”.


Dehghani added: ISC has a wide range of users and accordingly provides a wide range of database systems and services, most of which focus on evaluating and measuring performance, as well as drawing the necessary solution to upgrade the ranking of universities and journals, faculty members, etc.


He further added: The presence of ISC executive committee members from different parts of the world and the establishment of regional branches in different countries, as well as the international nature of the services, are among the factors that have made this institution shine at the international level, as it is now. It can be called the third largest citation system in the world.


Dehghani said: "This institute, with its young and motivated staff, has produced various systems such as DOR, scientific publications system, the Covid-19 index, the registration system of valid scientific conferences, the system of cautioned or invalid publications, the ranking of world universities, etc. which have been very popular in the world.


Dehghani continued: The registration of the prestigious conferences that were previously implemented at the national level is currently being pursued for the international environment.


Dehghani continued: Considering that one of the members of the executive committee of ISC is from Oman and also following the previous trip of ISC officials to Oman and numerous meetings held with universities and the Ministry of Higher Education of Oman, ISC will hold various workshops including Workshops on scientific assessment, ranking, promotion of the status of publications and the effectiveness of science are underway in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education of Oman.


Dr. Al-Bimani, while expressing his satisfaction with the opportunity of the visit, considered the services of ISC to be impressive and requested that the services and systems of ISC be made available to faculty members and students of the National University of Oman.


The President of the National University of Oman also called for holding a series of workshops to improve the university's rank in international rankings.


Based on the discussions held in this meeting, it was decided:


The draft of the memorandum of understanding on scientific, research and technological cooperation should be sent to the National University of Oman to be signed by the parties after going through legal procedures. Also, contacts from the university should be introduced to the ISC to follow up issues related to the registration of publications and conferences, as well as the promotion of the university's rank.


Among the other things that were agreed upon for joint scientific cooperation was the holding of science measurement and science effectiveness workshops with priority for the National University of Oman. In addition, it was decided to upload the access link to ISC services and systems on the National University of Oman website.


In addition, three years of IP-BASED access to ISC's scientific information resources will be provided to Oman University.


At the end, Dr. Al-Bimani, while inviting the chairmanship and managers present in the meeting to Oman, expressed his hope that due to the good relations and understandings of the two countries, there will be seen more interaction between the parties.

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