ISC International Conference Hall named after Professor Jafar Mehrad

27 August 2022 | 09:11 Code : 1866 News Important News

Office of International Scientific Cooperation (OISC), Aug. 27, 2022

During the farewell and introduction ceremony of the former and the new ISC presidents, ISC conference hall was named after Prof. Dr. Jafar Mehrad. This ceremony was held with the presence of Dr. Zolfigol, Iran’s MSRT, Dr Imaniye, Fars governor, MSRT deputy ministers, a number of university Presidents and provincial authorities on Aug. 27, 2022. This naming was done with the suggestion of Prof. Seyed Ahmad Fazelzadeh, ISC president.

In his speech to the honor of this naming, Dr. Zolfigol said: “The efforts of Prof. Jafar Mehrad have been everlasting. We should learn to appreciate those who spend time for us and are a source of inspiration and prosperity. We should unveil our appreciations for the contributions.

He further said: “We must learn to value everyone who works hard for our country apart from political preferences. Today, if we rank first in science production in the region, it is because of the effort made by such outstanding persons.

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