ISC released ranking of D8 universities 2021: The Presence of 74 Iranian universities

04 October 2022 | 15:26 Code : 1875 News Important News

Office of International Scientific Cooperation, Oct. 4th. 2022

ISC considers the most important missions of its universities in Ranking D8 member universities, which are research, innovation, education and international activities, and based on this, it measures and evaluates D8 universities.

The information in this ranking is collected from the databases of USPTO, WOS, Incites and the websites of universities and other related resources.

In order to rank D8 universities, the research information (2017-2019) of 1634 organizations from D8 member countries was reviewed through InCites. Among these organizations, the universities that have published more than 150 documents in this time period constituted the target population of this ranking. The number of universities that met these conditions were 463.

The universities present in this ranking are shown in the table below. It is worth mentioning that Turkey, Islamic Republic of Iran and Indonesia have had the largest number of universities in this ranking.

In this ranking, the universities of Malaya, Comsats University of Islamabad, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Cairo University and Tehran University have obtained the first to fifth ranks of this ranking.


The eight developing Islamic countries (D8), consists of Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt, and Nigeria.

The universities that have obtained the first rank in each of these countries, along with their ranks among other universities, are shown in the table below.

As can be seen in this table, Tehran University of Medical Sciences has taken the first place among the universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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