A delegation from NJU of China visited ISC

22 October 2023 | 10:47 Code : 2131 News Important News

A delegation from NJU of China visited ISC

Office of International Scientific Cooperation, October 21st, 2023


Professor TAN Tieniu, Secretary of the CPC Nanjing University Committee and the accompanying delegation visited Islamic World Science and Technology Monitoring and Citation Institute (ISC).

In this visit, which was held with the presence of the president, vice-presidents and directors of ISC, as well as Secretary of the CPC Nanjing University Committee and the accompanying delegation, Dr. Seyed Ahmad Fazelzadeh, ISC president, at the beginning, while welcoming the guests, gave a brief history about the establishment, services and activities of ISC and its national and international position.

Dr. Fazelzadeh went on to introduce the scientific products and reports of ISC, such as ideas and needs Platform (INP), the portal to get familiar with elites and future makers (DANA), the ranking of Iranian universities and research institutes.

Dr. Fazelzadeh said: At the level of international relations, ISC has had several meetings with the top universities of Turkey, D-8 organization, and various delegations at Japan Science and Technology forum (STS forum 2023) in the past year, which led to the signing of memorandums and discussions have been made for joint cooperation and scientific visits.

In the following, the president of ISC explained the science and technology status of Nanjing University in different rankings and expressed the readiness of ISC to cooperate in various scientific and information fields. ISC ranked Nanjing University among the top 10 universities based on ISC WUR 2022 in China and ranked 136 among the top universities.

Following this visit, Dr. Tan Tieniu, while expressing his satisfaction in attending ISC, mentioned his attendance at the Asian Science and Technology Parks Conference in 2014 and considered that trip as one of the most memorable trips.

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