ISC/ Ulakbim E-meeting Held

A roadmap to establish between the sides in a near future
19 December 2023 | 15:31 Code : 2192 News Important News

Islamic World Science and Technology Monitoring and Citation Institute (ISC) and Turkish Academic Network and Information Center (Tubitak Ulakbim) held an e-meeting session on December 19th, 2023.

In this meeting Prof S. A. Fazelzadeh, ISC president, Prof. A. Nayebi, ISC Vice-President of International Affairs & Scientific Diplomacy and Dr. M. R. Falahati, ISC director of International Affairs Advancement Division were present from the Iranian side, while Prof. Mirat SATOĞLU, Tübitak Ulakbim Director and some other Tübitak Ulakbim directors were also present.

Prof. Tuncay Döğeroğlu, ISC Executive member, was also present and has had the responsibility of coordinating this e-meeting session.

At the outset of this e-meeting session, Prof. Fazelzadeh, gave a welcome note speech to the Turkish side. He expressed his gratitude of holding such meeting and thanked the Tübitak Ulakbim for hosting ISC team in Turkey Last year.

He stated: “In Ankara, we were briefed on the main activities of ULAKBIM and briefed you on what we do here in ISC. For example, we observed that ULAKBIM could be of great help in increasing the number of journals from Türkiye that are being indexed in ISC. We also observed that it could be useful to exchange links to the websites of each other. ISC expressed its readiness to meet the information needs of the scientific community in Türkiye by means of its full-text databases including Persian articles database. Also, we talked about the procedure to assign DOR number to articles of journals from Türkiye. The Ideas and Challenges database was another topic we talked about”.

Dr Mirat, Tübitak Ulakbim Director, has also expressed his gratitude from this meeting and stated that his center is ready for cooperating in different fields.


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