ISC EC Member Paid a Visit to This Institute

14 January 2024 | 14:26 Code : 2213 News Important News

Dr. Azhar Ali Shah, a member of ISC executive committee in West Asia, visited this institution on January 13, 2024 at the invitation of Dr. Seyed Ahmed Fazelzadeh, the president of ISC.

Following the first meeting of ISC executive committee members in 2018, this visit was aimed at familiarizing him with the new activities of ISC and discussing how to expand these services in the West Asia region with the presence of Dr. Seyed Ahmed Fazelzadeh, the president of ISC.

At the beginning of this meeting, Dr. Fazelzadeh, while welcoming ISC Executive Committee member, gave a brief history of the establishment, services and activities of ISC and its position nationally and internationally.

Dr. Fazelzadeh went on to introduce the scientific products and subjective reports of ISC, such as challenges and solutions platform (CSP), the portal for getting to know elites and future makers (DANA), the digital library system, the ranking of universities and research institutions in Iran, the system of scientific publications and ISC national and international rankings.

He said: “Internationally, ISC had several meetings with the top universities of Turkey and D8 organization in the past year, which has led to the signing of scientific memorandums and cooperation.

ISC president said: “we monitor the status of science and technology of I. R. of Iran and the leading Islamic countries. Islamic countries received significant ranks in various rankings, and specially reviewed the performance of Pakistan.

Dr. Azhar Ali Shah, a member of ISC executive committee, while expressing her satisfaction at his return to ISC, gave explanations about the functioning of the higher education system in Pakistan.

He said: “Higher education in Pakistan is administered by the Ministry of Education at both the federal and provincial levels, while the federal system mostly assists in curriculum development, accreditation, and funding of research and development”.

He added: “There is a commission in Pakistan under the title "Higher Education Commission", which is basically an independent institution and its activities are related to financing, monitoring, regulation and accreditation of Pakistan's higher education affairs.”

It is worth noting that Dr. Azhar Ali Shah is a member of the executive committee of ISC in West Asia, has Ph.D. in electronics from the University of Nottingham, and is currently a member of the faculty of Sindh University, Pakistan.

At the end of this meeting, Dr. Fazelzadeh presented ISC memorial plaque to Dr. Azhar Ali Shah.


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