St. Petersburg Mining University Delegation Visited ISC

The two sides drew the framework of their future cooperation
30 April 2024 | 17:19 Code : 2278 News Important News

The joint meeting of ISC Institute with St. Petersburg Mining University of Russia was held on April 29th, 2024 at the Islamic World Science and Technology Reference and Monitoring Institute (ISC).

This meeting is aimed at the mutual recognition of the parties and the development of joint scientific, educational and research relations and was held with the presence of Dr. Seyed Ahmed Fazelzadeh, ISC president, and Dr. Marat Rudakov, the director of the Institute of targeted training of St. Petersburg Mining University, along with a number of directors and faculty members of that university.

At the beginning of this meeting, Dr. Fazelzadeh, while welcoming the guests, gave a brief history of ISC establishment, services and activities and its national and international position.

Dr. Fazelzadeh went on to introduce ISC products, such as Ideas and Needs Platform (CSP), the portal to get to know elites and future makers (DANA), the digital library system, the digital object Recognizer (DOR), the ranking of Iranian universities and research institutions.

Dr. Fazelzadeh said: "At the level of international relations, ISC has had numerous face-to-face and virtual meetings in the last two years.

ISC president further explained about the monitoring of the state of science and technology among the Russian universities and said: "Three universities of this country with the titles of Lomonosov State University of Moscow (451-500), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (601-700) and University Research Institute of Russian Economy (701-800) are among the top universities of this country in the ISC world ranking.

He also provided explanations regarding ISC subject ranking and the situtation of Russian universities in each of the six subject areas (natural sciences, technology and engineering, medical and health sciences, agricultural and veterinary sciences, social sciences, and finally humanities and arts) in This rating explained.

In the continuation of this meeting, Dr. Marat Rudakov, the director of the Institute of Targeted Educational Programs of St. Petersburg Mining University, while expressing his satisfaction at being in the historical and cultural city of Shiraz, gave explanations about the history of the formation of this university and said: "St. Petersburg Mining University is the oldest technical university in Russia. And it is considered one of the oldest technical universities in Europe. "This university was founded on October 21, 1773 by Queen Catherine to realize the idea proposed by Peter the Great and Mikhail Lomonosov to train engineers for the mining and metallurgical industries."

In this meeting, the following proposals were also made to follow up the interactions between the two sides:

It was decided to introduce the activities and services of ISC to directors, professors and students of St. Petersburg Mining University in the first step of cooperation in the form of a virtual meeting.

It was decided that due to the existence of the scientific publications of ISC, through communication between the publications of St. Petersburg Mining University and the indexing group of ISC Institute publications, the basis for evaluating and possibly indexing the scientific publications of that university in this system will be provided.

It was decided that the necessary cooperation should be made regarding the promotion of St. Petersburg University of Mining in the global ranking of ISC.

At the end of this meeting, while exchanging commemorative plaques, the guests visited to the potentials of ISC.

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