International Affairs Advancement Division



Dr.Mohammad Reza Falahati Qadimi Fumani
Head of International Affairs Advancement Division





Duties & Powers:

  • Cooperation & Collaboration with international organizations and institutions, especially UNESCO, ECO, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Organization for Economic Cooperation (D-8), ICESCO, COMSTECH, etc.
  • Establishing regional offices of ISC in OIC Countries,
  • Establishing ISC’s branches and expanding its programs and services in target OIC countries,
  • Seeking membership of ISC in regional and international institutions in the OIC countries,
  • Preparing MoUs with universities and science, research, technology and innovation institutions in the OIC region and elsewhere,  
  • Facilitating international collaboration between ISC’s departments and their counterparts in the OIC region,
  • Holding international conferences, seminars, workshops and e-meetings with the contribution of the OIC countries,
  • Inviting delegations from the OIC countries to visit ISC and arranging visits to OIC countries for ISC delegations.

Last Update At : 15 May 2024