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Six Iranian Univerisities Among the Latest QS Ranking Result

12 June 2022 | 11:07 Code : 1825 News Important News

Office of International and Scientific Cooperation (OISC), June. 10, 2022

This year’s QS World University Rankings include almost 1,500 institutions from around the world. It’s not just iconic institutions that take the top spots: this year’s highest rankings include universities from diverse locations across Europe, Asia and North America. 

In the recent QS ranking, universities from Iran are aslo present. Sharif University of Technology with the rank of 380 and Amirkabir University of Technology with the rank of 443 are the first and second universities in Iran, respectively, University of Tehran with the rank of 501-510 is in the third place. Iran University of Science and Technology with the rank of 531-540, Shiraz University with the rank of 751-800 and Shahid Beheshti University with a rank of 1200-1001 are other universities in this ranking.
In 2023 QS world ranking, four Iranian universities have improved in terms of rankings compared to last year.

Based on the presence of three Technical universities in this ranking, which make up half of Iranian universities present in the list, and the fact that the first top two Iranian universities are amog these technical universities, it can be said that technical universities due to their less number than the comprehensive and medical sciencesuniversities performed much better in this ranking.

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